Mike & Polly Figueroa


Mailing Address 4141 Pioneer Woods Drive Ste 114
Lincoln, NE 68506
Office Phone (402) 441-4120
  • Mobile Phone 402-314-5615
  • Mobile Phone 402-314-5609
About us

Mike and Polly Figueroa have been multi-million dollar producers since they teamed up as real estate partners in 2008. They are proud parents of four adult children and two dogs. Their formula for success is their Why. Why do they do what they do? It's all about serving others. Your family. Your home. Your investment. Our priority. They are active in the community volunteering with their church and local organizations such as Teammates, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and World Vision. Outdoor activities are an important part of their lives. Activities include golf, tennis, volleyball, hiking and biking. They plan to bike a minimum of 20 miles in each state by the time they retire.