Reviews From Past Clients

"Mike and Polly went above and beyond to ensure every detail was taken care of. They utilized their expertise to their fullest ability, and did everything to ensure the process was "worry-free" for me. From preparing my house for sale through inspections and the last inked documents, Mike and Polly made a very trying experience for me quite easy. They are personable, knowledgeable, thoughtful and dynamic."

"Mike and Polly were recommended to me by real estate agents I had used in another state on another real estate transaction. They exceeded my greatest expectation. They were approachable, available, communicative, and efficient. They got the job done seamlessly and made it a very painless process for me. They were extremely courteous, professional, and understanding of some particulars that were unique to my situation. I highly recommend Mike and Polly personally and professionally."

"Mike and Polly are so wonderful to work with! The housing market was crazy this summer and they kept us calm and helped us find our dream house for a dream price. I highly highly recommend them!"

"Mike and Polly were very patient with us as we searched for a home that would fit our specifications. Many times through the process, I became discouraged but Polly would always reassure me that she would find the perfect house for us- and she did! We found a great house in a great location and we love it. Then came selling our other house- I was skeptical again that it would sell as fast as some of the houses on the market. I shouldn't have doubted Mike and Polly. They had showings booked prior to it going on the market and we sold the house in 24 hours. They are an amazing team! Not only are they professional, but they are warm and personable as well. I highly recommend them!"

"Excellent customer service! Helped us sell our home quickly. They are a wonderful team to work with. Gave excellent advice readying our home for sale. Saved us time and money and made the process a great experience. Would recommend Mike and Polly to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."

"Mike and Polly were a fantastic help to us while looking for a home - feel they went above and beyond the effort they put into helping us and once we found the home we wanted they continued to be there for us and were always Johnny-on-the-spot to return our calls and help us by checking out any questions we had. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a home - they were AWESOME!!"

"Very much fun to work with with great knowledge of the city of Lincoln and understood my needs and channeled that in the best direction for new home purchase. Mike plays a good golf game!! Polly is very happy , smiling, smart, with lots of energy. They both are a great team and compliment each other. Will go that extra mile to make this process a fun and intelligent decision."

"Great team. Represented our interests well.They showed us a nice selection of properties. They were punctual and reliable. Of course they were knowledgeable about the properties we looked at. They explained the steps that were necessary to complete the transaction."

"Mike & Polly are extremely professional and know their business! They are "well connected" in the Lincoln community and know "the ropes" when it comes to selling a house. I would (and have) definitely recommend them!"

"With so many choices for a realtor out there you could do no better then Mike and Polly Figueroa. Very little money was put into getting my home ready for sale and the property was sold in the first day on the market for more then the asking price! Not only are Mike and Polly very experienced in the real estate market they are willing to go the extra mile to help you when needed. They provided excellent advice and helped in every way possible. If you are still looking for a real estate agent your search should end with this beautiful couple of pros!"

"Mike & Polly were there for me every step of the way in my search for finding a home. They both were so easy to talk to and work with. I learned a lot from them in my search and continue to have their support after purchasing my home. They are truly the real deal."

"We chose Mike and Polly to be our realtors to sell our home. Originally we got their name from our builders, Kinning Design Build. The words they used to describe their style of service was "honest, dependable, service oriented, delightful to work with, and responsive to the needs of their clients". That is exactly what we discovered to be true about this team! We found they were very skilled in their analysis of the real-time market changes. They had an effective strategy to generate interest in our home before we went "live" on the market. Our home sold within hours helping us to price our home at a very fare market value! They gave us great advice to follow during the process to make our transitions with ease before, during and after the sale process. They even helped guide us through the transition process to a new residence. Not only did we find them efficient and skilled at what they do, but we enjoyed each point of contact with them! They are delightful people inside and out and a joy to work with! We more than appreciated that they were confidential and reliable and we never once had cause to wonder what they would say out of our ear-shot. Mike and Polly are an exceptional team! Exceptional people! And they will definitely be the team we call upon for our real estate needs in the future!"

"They were honest, responsive and dedicated to helping us find the right home for our family. They will be our real estate agents for life! When Mike was busy, Polly was available and vice versa. They make a great team. Once the purchase was made, they continued to be very helpful with follow up details. They were friendly and courteous! We appreciated their capable assistance."

"Mike and Polly were very helpful and very responsive to my needs. They seemed to always go the extra mile and their openness and honesty was greatly appreciated. I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so in the future."

"This is an awesome team to work with. For buying or selling Mike and Polly will do everything possible to achieve your goals. They have excellent knowledge of the market and they understand how to work with all parties to finalize a solution."

"Mike and Polly Figueroa were really easy to work with and great with the negotiation part. Their knowledge of houses and properties was excellent and prevented me from purchasing a house with known and/or hidden problems. I would highly recommend this Re-Max team to anyone looking for a nice solid house."

"Mike and Polly were extremely helpful to us while going through the process of finding our first home. They are very knowledgeable and made the home buying experience very easy! We went in not knowing a lot about buying a home and they were very helpful and easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. We learned a lot from them and will contact them in the future with any needs we may have for buying/selling."

"Mike and Polly are very reliable and easy to work with. They were always available when I was looking for a potential home and never influenced me to buy a home I did not want. Polly knew exactly what my girlfriend and I wanted and made searching easy and not stressful. Mike did an amazing job putting a last minute offer in and the outcome was very successful. They are both very knowledgeable and I will continue to use them throughout my life."

"Mike and polly were beyond helpful! They were always available and answered all of my questions. They made me think of thingas u would have never thought of! They were very supportive, flexible, and understanding. They never pushed me into buying anything and always made me feel like I was their only client. I am very grearful for them!"

"We had a less than desirable multi-dwelling unit for sale. Mike & Polly were very professional and worked extremely hard to find a buyer. Even though the property sold for considerably less than what we originally listed it for, we were still impressed with the service that we received from Mike & Polly. I would recommend them to anyone having property for sale."

"Mike and Polly were wonderful to work with. I so enjoyed getting to know them and feel like they will be friends forever. I would use them again when the time comes for another move. They went above and beyond their agent duties when helping me through this process. Thank you Mike and Polly."

"We have purchased a property in Lincoln, Ne with Mike and Polly's help and guidance. As we live in another town 90 miles away, they researched and found homes which were in the style, price range, and areas of town which we were looking at. After they located such, they contacted us and made arrangements for us to look at them. very accomadating for our schedules. After a property was located, they were able to assist in the purchase and guidance of the property. They are both very sincere people. Have become friends."

"Mike and Polly were great to work with they listened to our wants and needs and were willing to show us all the listings that we requested. We wanted a main floor master so they made sure the listings we looked at had that. They help point out the advantages and disadvantages at each location. They were not like a lot of realtors and try to get us to look at listings that were way above what we set for our budget. They were quick to respond to our calls and texts. If you are looking for a realtor that makes house hunting enjoyable and are caring I would recommend Mike and Polly Figueroa."

"It was great! They were awesome, they helped us a lot! They showed us many places and were always great about meeting us to go see other homes and provide insight on new homes to look at. They always called me back promptly when I had questions."

"Mike & Polly were wonderful to work with. They helped us to purchase our very first home. We had a lot of questions and they were so knowledgeable and responsive to us. We loved that they worked as a team. One of them was always available to show a house or to respond to our calls quickly. They guided us through each of the steps of home-buying and took the time to get to know us personally--which made us feel a lot more comfortable. I would highly recommend working with the Figueroa's!"

"Polly and Mike were truly awesome. When they came to meet us the first time they were completely prepared and answered any questions that we had. Any issues that came up they were both able to answer them in a timely manner and able to help us with anything that happened, such as my water heater breaking, questions on buying a house where we were moving to, and being there when needed. Needless to say, following their instructions to the 'T', were had a offer on hour house in two days! I would definitely recommend both Polly and Mike as realtors!"

"Polly and Mike were exactly the type of realtors that me and my girlfriend Carly were looking for. We needed someone who was extremely professional and Polly provided that while also giving us a little bit of a motherly touch while walking us through the process as first time home buyers. Mike also was able to assist us with the numbers and make sure that we were all on the same page. I fully plan on recommending them to future people anytime I am asked by friends for realtors"

"Mike and Polly helped us tremendously as we were looking to buy our first home. We had no idea what we were doing but Polly made sure she kept us on the right track and got us exactly what we were looking for. Her attitude and outlook was awesome to have. Will definitely use them whenever we decide to sell a home."

"I had an absolutely enjoyable home buying experience with Mike and Polly. They were very engaged with my wants and needs, as well as helping me decide on things that I didn't know might be my wants and needs in a house. Polly was open minded to potential homes that I hadn't even considered. Mike was my go to guy for financial questions and especially helpful to me when it came time for closing."

"As a first time buyer they were and still are amazing realators and willing to answer any questions I might have. Very good about responding quickly and pointing out things in a house I would have never thought about. I would definitely recommend Team Figueroa to anyone looking to buy a house!"

"Mike & Polly did a great job selling our house! I would highly recommend them to anyone! They are very professional and helpful on selling tips. They had a great plan on how to sell our house and sold our house in only 13 days!"

"Mike & Polly were fantastic! We had a general idea of what we were looking for in our new house but Mike & Polly gave us ideas & more details to consider/think about. Through the whole process they were helpful & very responsive. They have continued to be incredibly helpful even though it's been a year since we closed on our home. We had an issue with the lot next door to us & I called them to ask for help. They made phone calls on our behalf & got the issue resolved quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home & they will certainly be our realtors in the future."

"Mike and Polly were great to work with! We had them help us with the sale of our home, and purchase of a new one. They were able to answer all of our questions and were extremely helpful and patient. We would highly recommend them - they are a great team to work with!"

"We had a great experience working with Mike and Polly. They always had our best interest in mind and quickly figured out what we liked and didn't like when looking at homes. Everything was done in a timely fashion. Very easy to work with."

"Very confident at being able to sell our house quickly and at a price well above other agents, and they did just that, selling our home in 3 days above the appraised value with multiple offers."

"Mike and Polly did a fantastic job. They were proactive on things. They were willing to give us feedback on showings and open house. They came and gave us and showed us what we needed to change and were so amazing at answering all questions whether they wanted to or not. Our dog just loved Polly."

"Moving from out of state to start a new job and with our first baby due in just a few short weeks, it was imperative to our family to move directly into a home without any delay. For this challenge, we needed the absolute best real estate team available and Mike exceed our expectations and then some. He knows the market and knows how to write a winning bid. Once we found the house we wanted in the neighborhood we loved, Mike wrote the offer in such a way that we didn't get into a bidding war - and our offer was accepted! Mike continued to guide my wife and I through the remainder of the home buying processing ensuring all inspections were expedited and repairs made in order to close within the short timeframe we required. I would HIGHLY recommend Mike & Polly and look forward to using them again as our family grows and we are in need of a new house to call home."

"Mike and Polly have gone out of their way to help us in every way possible! They make a fantastic team that anyone would be lucky to work with. Their knowledge of local real estate is above and beyond. Most importantly, their attitude and professionalism is something you won't find anywhere else. Thank you for all of your hard work to make our dream home a reality!"

"Our experience with buying a home in Lincoln was fantastic - everything went like clockwork. We moved from New Mexico to Nebraska and only had a very short time frame in which to find a home - and with the help of Polly and Mike it happened within 4 days!!!"

"We spent nearly four months finding the home we wanted. Because we live out of town and have demanding careers, the times we had to search were sporadic. Mike and Polly were very accommodating--even helping us on days they were really busy with other clients and duties. They showed their expertise when the first home we bought did not do well during the house inspection. They continually reassured us that we would find the right house."

"Mike and Polly Figueroa is a wonderful team to work with. They are always available when needed. They have expert knowledge in the local Lincoln Real Estate Market. Having been in the Military for 20 years I have had to move around a lot. By far Mike and Polly are the best Real Estate agents I have worked with. As a team they communicate between themselves and with their clients with ease and always giving updates on all avenues. I highly recommend team Figueroa."

"Mike and Polly are the utmost professional, helpful, dependable and energetic to work with. This was our second home we purchased with the help and guidance from the Figs. They are an amazing team! I can't say enough about the job they do for their clients."

"Mike & Polly were amazing! They "stepped up to the plate" shortly after we were very discouraged by another realtor. That previous event left us feeling as though we were just wasting our time. Mike & Polly not only helped us find our dream home, but got us INTO this house with lightning fast efficiency. I can't say enough great things without spending all day here! "

"Where to begin to adequately explain how awesome this couple is?!? From the get-go, Mike and Polly far exceeded our expectations. They put in countless hours helping us clear out 6,000 square feet of years of "stuff": arranging the labor and craftsmanship necessary to bring the house to code and to make it fresh, updated, and appealing for potential buyers; helping us with a huge estate sale; moving furniture, running truckloads of clothing to the city mission, keeping the acreage mowed and groomed in our absence (we live in Minneapolis), making all the legal connections happen...and just in general providing fabulous moral support in what was a huge undertaking! And then...the house had people interested before it even went on the market, and when it did open, we sold it very near asking price in less than two weeks. The Figs are just outstanding people....and they made the whole experience of selling a home fun and rewarding!"